Integration Enrollment


Welcome to integration enrollment! The following information is for any 3rd party wishing to implement the available integrations options.

  1. Please submit the form at the bottom of this page and send an email to that the form has been submitted.

  2. Review the Developer APIs for the integrations that you’ve chosen. At the bottom of the documentation for each API, there is a provisioning request form that must be filled out. Please do not forget to fill out the provisioning request.

  3. Be prepared to conduct testing of the integrations in preparation for the go-live date.

Integration Options

To get in-depth information about each integration option, please click on the links below.



User Verification API

Easily match up your users through a unique identifier.

  1. You will be supplied with a group-specific, registration link which can be disseminated to your users to create accounts.  This link will automatically open a dialog box with your group auto-selected.  Your users will then enter their individual “human-readable” identifiers (typically their member number/ID).

  2. The identifier will then be passed to your web service endpoint which must be SSL encrypted.  Your system will then determine whether the identifier is valid.

  3. If the identifier is valid then it will be associated with the user’s record and available to you via Activity Progress API or Webhook.

Courses API (Native)

Launch courses from your own system.

  1. You will be provided with a list of courses including their URLs.  These URLs can be embedded in your Learning Management System (LMS) or Membership Management System (MMS) however you see fit. 

  2. To launch and track the course, we will need you to provide information about the user taking the course in the query string of the course URL.  Information about the query string parameters is provided in the documentation.  

  3. Your users will launch and complete the course without having to leave your system or create an account on another system.

  4. All of your users’ completion data is reported back to you via Activity Progress API or Webhook.

Activity Progress API & Webhook

Automated access to your users' course progress and completions.

API Access: Intended for selective pulls of data.

  1. The Activity Progress API allows you to selectively query activity progress data for your users.

  2. The default daily limit for API calls is 500.

Webhook Access: Intended for real-time data access.

  1. To deliver data to your system, the Activity Progress Webhook requires an SSL encrypted endpoint.

  2. Updates are delivered to your endpoint when your users:

    • Make progress in a learning activity (completing course lessons), or

    • Finish a learning activity (complete a course).

  3. The system bundles the data where possible. This means several “progressed” and/or “completed” updates may be included in single data package. 

  4. Typical latency is under 1 second.


What if I’m not certain which options to choose? 

If you are unsure, please review the Developer APIs and then contact if you still have additional questions.

When will my integration be completed?

Integrations will follow the provided timeline.  Failure to meet stated deadlines will result in your integration being delayed. 

What if I want to change my existing integrations?

Any changes must be made during this integration open enrollment period.  Changes may incur additional fees.

When will I be billed?

You will receive an invoice once we’ve processed your sign-up form. Invoices not paid in 30 days may be assessed a 1.5% late fee. Unpaid invoices of over 60 days may result in termination of integration services.  

What if I have questions that were not answered here?

Please submit your questions to

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